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Whether in Court, in the Claims and Resolution Service of the Motor Accidents Authority, or in the Worker’s Compensation Commission you will find yourself in very experienced hands.
Aron has been prosecuting Litigation cases for clients for more than 15 years, usually against the big Insurance Companies. Our goal is to always maximize your outcome and we are confident in our ability to do so. To date those outcomes have ranged from a few thousand dollars right up to multi millions of dollars.
Aron will handle your case personally (with a little help from the team). We will guide you through every step of the process and have your questions answered in plain english. All calls are returned in 24 hours, however, we try to return calls as quickly as possible. Litigation claims are prosecuted on a “no win no pay” basis. Considering the experience and expertise on offer we consider our fee structure to be extremely reasonable.
Please note that strict time limits apply to many Litigation claims and advice should therefore be sought at the earliest opportunity.
Please feel free to telephone Aron for an obligation free discussion about your matter.


Aron has been practicing Family and De Facto Law for 20 years. We can assist you with all aspects of Family and De Facto Law including property disputes, children’s issues and specific issues.

We aim to avoid drawn out Court battles wherever possible and to achieve a quick, amicable, and inexpensive resolution.
We are strong advocates of negotiation, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. If, as a last resort, a dispute is unavoidable we will fight for the best possible outcome. We have a great track record for achieving excellent results for our clients when the gloves come off.
Please feel free to telephone Aron for more information and for a full disclosure of our fee structure.


Recent changes to the Law pertaining to Wills (Succession Amendment (Intestacy) Act 2009) is one good reason to have your existing Wills reviewed. If you don't yet have a Will it's probably time you got one. Failing to make a Will before it is too late can result in your intentions with regard to your Estate being unclear or completely unknown. This can result in anxiety for your family and loved ones when they are left to argue amongst themselves. This happens more often than you would probably suspect, and usually could have been completely unnecessary if a valid WIll had been made.

If not mentioned in a Will some family and or loved ones will have no entitlement whatsoever, some may have a claim against your Estate, however, there are legislative restrictions which limit a persons ability to claim against a Deceased Estate. These claims (previously under the Family Provisions Act 1982, now in accordance with the Succession Act 2006) often result in Court proceedings. The litigation process is expensive for both the Deceased Estate itself and the person bringing the claim against the Estate. Notwithstanding the financial cost, families can be, and have been, torn apart by this type of litigation.

Making a Will is a relatively simple process and leaves the Testator or Testatrix (the person making the Will) with the peace of mind that their intentions are clear and their family and loved ones will (in most cases) be spared from the cost and anxiety that can accompany Intestacy (the Deceased Estate with no Will).


A Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship are documents that anyone with assets, a family, or is getting on in years, should have.

Often people wait until Mum or Dad start to show signs of dementia before considering a Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship. Unfortunately it is then too late as persons must be of sound mind to execute such documents.

Illness, accidents and old age dementia, could leave someone you care about in great difficulty if these documents have not already been created.

A Power of Attorney will allow a person nominated to act as Attorney regarding matters of a financial nature.

An Enduring Guardianship will allow a person nominated to act as that persons Attorney, regarding matters of care, including deciding where a person lives, what medical and dental care they receive and by whom, and in specific cases whether life extending apparatus should be terminated.

These are topics most people would prefer not to think about. They are difficult to discuss with family, particularly aging family who don't want to feel they are being put out to pasture, even so, they are extremely important matters that should be resolved sooner rather than later, where later is often too late.


Aron has 15 years experience in contesting Estates and defending contested Estates. If a claim has been made against an Estate of which you are the Executor, or a Beneficiary, then please feel free to telephone Aron for an obligation free discussion of the claim.

If you believe that you have been unfairly left out of a Will and wish to discuss the prospects of making a claim then please feel free to telephone Aron for an obligation free discussion.


Aron also takes instructions in relation to the purchase and sale of residential property. Please feel free to telephone our office with the details of your purchase or sale as Aron and his trained staff would be more than happy to assist.